What Are Art Breaks?

J. MacIsaac Studios presents a collection of projects and topics designed to help you build a creative practice for you and your children. I have named them Art-Breaks because they are just that, small moments of creativity that enrich your life. I believe that creativity blends seamlessly with mindfulness to allow for a greater personal connection to the here and now. A practice in creative mindfulness can help you to connect with yourself, to relieve stress and anxiety, and even work through you personal thoughts in a healthy and productive way.


Posts are divided into the three topic categories: Art-Breaks, Art-Breaks Kids, and Thoughts. Click on the image to explore each category. You will notice as you look through the various posts that there is some overlap. Why? It is because I have found that often with a few small tweaks many projects that are enjoyed by kids can also be enjoyed by adults. These crossover projects could be fun ways to explore your creativity as a family! Click on the photos below to explore each topic.

If you are interested in my personal work follow me on Instagram, I post there often! My work is inspired by nature and mindfulness. I enjoy exploring a variety of techniques and mediums. My jewelry and my Creative Self-Care Planner (PDF) are available for purchase in my in my Etsy Shop.


I am passionate about intuitive and expressive art. I love to create projects that allow you to play and explore. These projects are perfect for new or budding artists, but can be adapted or extended to serve as prompts for more experienced artists as well.
They are designed to meet you exactly where you are and to encourage you to play.

Art-Breaks Kids

This collection of projects are geared towards kids of all ages! I believe in process over product and love to create projects that allow for sensory exploration. Many of the projects found here can be quite messy so be prepared! Sensory exploration is a great way to allow children to tap into their creativity without boxing them in.

Thoughts, Tips, & Tidbits

The process of creating offers a powerful link to mindfulness that can lead to a deeper connection with self. Creative mindfulness is a practice that can be enjoyed by anyone. There is no need to consider yourself an artist or even feel that you are already a creative person in order to explore the many benefits of this practice!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein

MY Mission

It is my firm belief that all humans are creative. It is our birthright. Art -breaks are moments of creative expression made accessible to anyone.

My mission is to help you connect with your own inner creative spirit and to build a practice that speaks to your soul.

About Me

Jennifer MacIsaac is an artist, art teacher, creative mindfulness practitioner, expressive arts life coach, and writer. She loves to help people connect with their inner creativity and enrich their own lives through creative mindfulness.

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