My posts are divided into the three topic categories below. You will notice as you look through the various posts that there is some overlap. Why? It is because I have found that often with a few small tweaks many projects that are enjoyed by kids can also be enjoyed by adults. These crossover projects could be fun ways to explore your creativity as a family! Click on the photos below to explore the topic.

Art-Breaks For Kids

This collection of posts contain fun projects geared towards kids of all ages!

Art-Breaks For Adults

This collection of posts contain fun projects geared to teens and adults!

Thoughts, Tips, & Tidbits

This collection of posts contain various thoughts, tips , and tidbits that speak to your inner creative spirit!

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

MY Mission

It is my firm belief that all humans are creative. It is our birthright. Art -breaks are moments of creative expression made accessible to anyone.

My mission is to help you connect with your own inner creative spirit.

About Me

Jennifer MacIsaac is an artist and art teacher. She loves to help people of all ages connect with their inner creativity.

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