2. Embrace Imperfection

Life lessons from Bob Ross,

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Creative mistakes can be debilitating to both beginning artists and more practiced artists. It is imperative that that we learn to release the desire for perfection and make way for the happy accidents that make our creative efforts so meaningful. When I was a younger artist, I allowed my own creative mistakes to frustrate me to the point of giving up on many occasions. As I have matured into my practice, I have learned to embrace them. Some of my favorite works of art began as complete accidents! These “mistakes” breathe life in to my art.

I have come to embrace creative practices that relinquish control and invite fluidity. I love to witness the process unfold before me, to guide me to whatever it wants to become. I am learning to embrace the journey! Attempting to control every detail and outcome led me to frustration, while embracing the creative journey led me to deeper understanding and creative freedom.

Try this fun playful mandala.

This little prompt uses symmetry prints to create a very imperfect and whimsical mandala. Creating imperfect art allows us to explore without expectations. It allows us to embrace the beauty in the happy little accidents!

This imperfect little video does not have great sound quality. It is an older video I created and I am still learning!

Try this: On a blank piece of paper, purposefully spill some paint. If you don’t have paint, spill some coffee, tea, or wine on your page. Allow it to dry. Once dry, observe the shapes that your spill created. Does anything stand out to you? Play with the shapes by outlining them, adding doodles to them, etc. Let your curiosity lead you. The photo below was a coffee spill that looked a lot like a butterfly to me!

Month 2: Art Journal Prompt

This month we are going to create a multi layered journal spread that focuses on embracing imperfection. We will start with a simple scrape painted background. Next, we will challenge our perfectionist tendencies by drawing from memory with our eyes shut! Finally we will spend some time reflection on how perfectionism plays out in our creative practice.