Our Relationship With Color

Throughout the month of September I have been hosting a 30 days of color challenge on my Instagram pages. It has been so much fun to explore color each day. I am not ready for the fun to end so I thought I would create a little ongoing color challenge here on the website. This is something you can take part in any time you wish.

The idea of this challenge is to get to know yourself a little better through your color likes and dislikes. Start by selecting a color to explore in depth. Spend some time researching the psychology of your selected color. There are tons of sites out there to look through. I like Empowered by Color it is an excellent resource for researching color psychology. It has a ton of information on both color meanings and personality traits associated with specific colors.

Once you have researched your color spend some time reflecting on your chosen color. Do you feel that your research fit with your own thoughts about your color choice? You may wish to journal your thoughts. Next spend some time visually exploring your chosen color. Use any techniques you want to explore your color.

Here is an Example from my personal color exploration:

My favorite color is green. I love pretty much all shades of green. I was curious about why I was so drawn to this color. Through my research on Empowered by Color, I learned that the color green relates to harmony and balance. I thought this was interesting because the word “balance” has long been word that I return to again and again. According to the site green is a restorative color, signifying renewal and rebirth. Overall green is a positive and peaceful color. Because it is made up of both yellow and blue, it shares in qualities associated with both such as the optimistic nature of yellow and the cool calmness of blue.

I created collection of green items which I then made paint swatches attempting to match the specific shades.

Some positive traits of green include:

  • Compassionate
  • Down to earth, practical
  • Generous
  • Reliable

Some Negative traits of green include:

  • Envious
  • Over Cautious
  • Materialistic
  • Anxious

I think what I found most interesting was the personality traits associated with people who choose the color green as their favorite color. Empowered by Color had this to say, “With a personality color green you have a great need to love and to be loved and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve- you are an open book who doesn’t hide his/her feelings. You are caring and nurturing to others – however you must be careful not to neglect your own needs while giving to others.” This description really resonated with me as an enneagram 9 and an INFP on the Meyers Briggs, I noticed a lot of parallels which I found quite fascinating.

I have had so much fun exploring colors in depth, and I have learned so much about my self along the way. I hope you will take some time to explore your own relationship with color. It is my hope that you enjoy playing and experimenting with your favorite colors and that you learn something about yourself along the way!

Happy Creating,

Published by Art-Breaks presented by J. MacIsaac Studios

Art Breaks are for everyone! They are moments of creativity big or small for infants, kids, and adults. They offer a connection to mindfulness that can enrich your life. A practice in creative mindfulness is perfect for anyone looking to establish a richer connection to themselves. You do not even need to be an artist to explore creative mindfulness practices. We are all born to create.

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