Jan. Tarot Journaling

I absolutely love to use my tarot card as a journaling prompt. This can also be done with Oracle cards as well. You do not necessarily need to be a skilled reader or even a believer in divination to use your cards in this way. You can use any type of deck and any type of spread even a simple one card pull will work. My go to is the standard three card spread, though for special occasions such as my birthday or new year I sometimes choose to do a Celtic cross spread. For the purposes of this post we will look at a basic three card spread.

You will start by thinking of a focus for your reading. This can be anything but I like to ask open types of questions. Some Ideas that I have used in the past are:

  • Where should I focus my attention?
  • What advice would benefit now?
  • I feel lost, I need advice for re-centering myself.
  • I am trying to find a balance between home and work life.

Next, with your focus in mind, you will do your card pull. Use any type of spread you want for this. Now you will go over each card. What stands out to you when you look at your cards? Take a look in the book that accompanies the deck, what about the card’s description resonates with you and your focus? At this stage I like to just jot down key words and highlights that connect with me as I look over the card and its meaning.

Now comes the journaling part. Think about your focus or question. Look over your notes from the card meaning. In what ways did your notes relate to your focus? For example in the reading above I drew the 10 of Pentacles, the Temperance card, and the 6 of wands. My focus for this reading had to do with finding balance between family life and personal goals. as I looked over these cards I noted the following things:

My Reading:

10 of Pentacles


6 of Wands

  • Happy Home
  • Family Life
  • Prosparity
  • A life well lived
  • Contentment
  • Balance
  • Moderation
  • Avoiding Extremes
  • Management of resources
  • Communication
  • Accomplishment
  • Acknowledgement
  • Reward
  • Taking things to the next level
  • Recognition

As I looked these cards and my notes over, I felt that I really resonated with this reading. I had been in a good rhythm with my family after a recent period of stress. I felt like I had more time to focus on my personal goals which included working with Creative Self-Care and promoting my planner & Journal. I felt like the Temperance card was calling me to keep in mind the need to not forgo one for the other. I have a habit of diving into something that interests me to the exclusion of all else, but this reading reminded me to pay attention to that tendency. On one side I had my family life (10 of Pentacles) and on the other my personal goals (6 of wands) My center or Temperance card was the key to remaining in balance between these to sides of myself. This balance was what I needed to keep myself on track.

Making It Yours

Keep in mind as you work with these cards in this way, there is no right or wrong. You are not reading the future or using the card for fortune telling. You are instead using them as a tool. You are simply noticing what resonates with you about these particular cards on this particular day. Follow your intuition and write down anything that comes to mind. As you read back over your words, you may notice something else, write that down too!

I tend to use this journaling technique at the beginning of each month or on special occasions such as birthdays or New Years. I might also use this technique if I am struggling with something in my life and I need to perhaps look at it from a new perspective or if I am at a crossroads. I have found that this journaling technique has been really beneficial in my life as it gives me a focus and a visual from which to pull. I sometimes struggle to simply journal from a blank page. Find what works for you, and have fun!

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