3. Creative Inspiration

What if I don’t FEEL creative?

I hear this a lot! Many people don’t FEEL like they are creative people. Society has a way of limiting our understanding of what it means to be creative at a very young age. Generally by middle school we are all divided into the “creative” vs “non-creative” subcategory. The creatives are encouraged to follow their creative talents be it art, drama, music, writing, etc. The non-creatives are typically encouraged in academic fields or perhaps athletic fields, and thus often grow up feeling that they are not creative or that their talents lie elsewhere. This limiting belief is unfortunate and untrue!

Humans are all creative. We are creative beings, and creativity brings us joy, satisfaction, and connection. Creativity comes in many forms, not just those mentioned above. I encourage you to look at your own life and think outside of the box (creative thinking). In what ways has creativity played a part in your life?

My focus here is on visual and written creativity, which is only ONE way of indulging your creative energy. While it may be true that we are not all meant to be professional artists, it is my firm belief that everyone is capable of expressing themselves visually. Visual expression is a fantastic way to process our thoughts and feelings. It is an amazing tool to release stress and anxiety. Best of all it can be done anywhere, anytime, and with limited resources!

It can be a bit scary to begin a new creative practice. It requires you to leave your comfort zone, which can leave you feeling very vulnerable. You must start by granting yourself permission to explore and to make mistakes, to be a beginner. At this stage I recommend that you connect with your inner child and allow yourself to play! Let go of the expectations. Who cares if the art you create is ugly? Immerse yourself in the process of creating. As you do this, you will begin to connect with yourself in new ways. Continue to practice. Allow yourself to make more mistakes, to push yourself to explore even more. This is where growth begins to happen! Eventually you will begin to feel more confident in your abilities. You will begin to embrace your own personal creativity. Your newfound creativity will become comfortable. You will likely get new creative ideas you want to explore, and you will once again need to leave your comfort zone to explore them. Follow your curiosity!

Where to Start?

Inspiration can be found in so many places! Read on for a few of my favorite tips for finding creative inspiration.

Magic Breath Painting

Try this fun little process art prompt. It is not only playful and fun, but it combines deep breathing which is a great way to relax the body!

Month 3: Art Journal Prompt

  • Reflect on your creative space. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Does your space inspire creativity? If not could you adapt it to be a more inspirational space? What would your dream space look like?
  • Reflect on who or what inspires you in your life. This could be a real person you know, an object, a fictional place or person, etc. What is it about this person, place, or thing that inspires you?