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What are art breaks, you ask?

Art breaks are anytime a person takes a moment in time to create something, anything. Art breaks could be a brief moment or a scheduled creative session of any duration. They could be enjoyed by anyone of any age or circumstance. One does not need to be an artist to enjoy an art break. Anyone can participate at any artistic level or ability. All you have to do is pause for however long you wish and with intention create something…anything! Sounds fun right?


My Name is Jennifer MacIsaac. I am an artist, an art teacher, a creative mindfulness practitioner, an expressive arts life coach, and a writer. I am a huge fan of taking art breaks. I am a lifetime lover of art. I love to create whenever I can. I also love to work with others, both adults and kids, to develop their own creative practice. It is my firm belief that humans are born creative, it is our birthright. Though we are not all destined to be “artists” in the traditional sense, we can all derive pleasure through creative self expression. Creative expression can be a nurturing and healing practice. It can help connect us to the present moment in much the same way that mindfulness and meditation do. Creative expression can help us release our stress and calm our minds and bodies. My mission is to help people connect with their own inner creative spirit and to build a practice that speaks to their soul. Follow me on Instagram to check out my personal art work and you can purchase my Creative Self-Care Planner (PDF) or my jewelry through my Etsy Shop.

  • 2000 BS Textiles, Merchandising, & Design; Minors in Art & Human Sciences, MTSU
  • 2008 Montessori Teaching Certificate Infant/Toddler, NAMC
  • Certificates
    • Professional Life Coaching, Transformation Academy
    • Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Transformation Academy
    • Mindfulness Life Coach, Transformation Academy
    • Mindfulness, Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC, MTSU

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