Art-Breaks For Adults

Discover ways to spark your inner creative!

This section is dedicated to projects and prompts that are geared towards teens and adults. These projects are suitable for all levels so no worries if you don’t consider yourself creative. All that is required is an open mind and the desire to try. If you are a more advanced creative, go ahead and use these ideas as a jumping off point, the sky is the limit! It is my goal to help you discover small ways to add a little bit of creativity to your life. Remember not all art will look beautiful…that is OK! The beauty is in the process of creating, and if you end up with a piece of art you love then bonus! It is always your choice to share it or tuck it away somewhere private, or even toss it out. Personally I toss or stash more than I share.

Magazine Embroidery

This is a fun little project suitable for teens and adults. You will basically be “doodling or sketching” with needle and thread over magazine images. Magazines are a favorite art supply of mine. I tend to keep a collection of various types of magazines on hand as I use them in my art frequently. ForContinue reading “Magazine Embroidery”

Drawing Your Breath

I believe that creative expression is linked to mindfulness. When you are creating your are in the present moment. You are focusing on what is before you. I consider the process of creating to be an active form of meditation. This is especially true if you take the time to pause and notice your breathContinue reading “Drawing Your Breath”

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