Jan. Tarot Journaling

I absolutely love to use my tarot card as a journaling prompt. This can also be done with Oracle cards as well. You do not necessarily need to be a skilled reader or even a believer in divination to use your cards in this way. You can use any type of deck and any typeContinue reading “Jan. Tarot Journaling”

My inspirations

As an artist I am a bit all over the place! I often describe myself as having art ADD, lol. I have never been able to lock myself down to a signature style or medium. I really enjoy trying new things. There are however some recurring themes in my art. Inspirations… I am inspired byContinue reading “My inspirations”

A New Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This space will be a creative journey celebrating art breaks. What are art breaks, you ask? Well art breaks are anytime one takes a moment in time to create something, anything. Art breaks could be a brief moment or a scheduled creative session of any duration. They could be enjoyed byContinue reading “A New Journey Begins”