Discover ways to spark your inner creative!

This page is dedicated to projects and prompts to get you started creating, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person! All that is required is an open mind and the desire to try. If you are a more advanced creative, then go ahead and use these ideas as a jumping off point. The sky is the limit! My goal to help you discover small ways to add a little bit of creativity to your life, to have fun, and to connect a little bit more with yourself. Remember our focus is on the process of creating, not on a finished product. Not all all art will look beautiful…that is OK! The value comes from the act of creating. If you end up with a piece of art you love, bonus! It is always your choice to share your art or tuck it away somewhere private. You can even even toss it out if you want to, no judgements.

10 Journal Ideas to get you started

An introduction to art journaling and a few prompts to get you started.

Drawing Your Breath

This prompt takes you through a very basic drawing meditation. It is one of my favorites though! It is one that I return to again and again. I find it to be very relaxing and cathartic.

Abstract Watercolor

This prompt walks you through creating a fun abstract watercolor painting. It is all about exploring color and playing with the fun shapes you create.

Stress Transformation Drawing

A creative way to de-stress. This quick and easy tutorial will walk you through a simple prompt that will help you to release your sterss and calm your mind through creative expression.