Creativity is our birthright.

This section is all about finding and discovering our inner creativity. Creative expression is a fun and powerful tool for self discovery. We do not have to consider ourselves artists to embrace our inner creative spirit. Creativity can be kept personal or shared. This section of post is geared to helping you discover how embracing your inner creative can add to you life. There will be articles ranging from my personal thoughts on creativity, tips, and interesting tidbits that inspire me and I hope will inspire you as well!

My inspirations

As an artist I am a bit all over the place! I often describe myself as having art ADD, lol. I have never been able to lock myself down to a signature style or medium. I really enjoy trying new things. There are however some recurring themes in my art. Inspirations… I am inspired by…

A New Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This space will be a creative journey celebrating art breaks. What are art breaks, you ask? Well art breaks are anytime one takes a moment in time to create something, anything. Art breaks could be a brief moment or a scheduled creative session of any duration. They could be enjoyed by…

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