Writing Samples

It has been a long time dream of mine to write and illustrate picture books for children. Though I have yet to publish, I enjoy creating manuscripts and illustrating them.  The excerpts below are from manuscripts that I am particularly attached to!

“Sometimes Art is Messy” is inspired by my love of messy process based art for kids. It is something I find myself saying frequently as I teach. I love to pair a picture book with my classes for young children and this one is perfect for my messy art classes! You can read about my Messy art classes here and here.

On Friday, I had a run in with the tape. It is just so much fun to pull the tape off the roll. What a sticky, tangly mess!

When I tried to break free from my tangle of tape, I tripped over a bottle of glitter that had been left out on the floor. Glitter went flying…EVERYWHERE!

“Oh, Janie!,” my teacher laughed, “Sometimes art is messy!”

-Excerpt from “Sometimes Art is Messy”



“Birthday” is inspired by the birth of my two girls. I have always wanted to be a mother, since I was a young child. I wanted to honor my children with a birth story about them. This story though inspired by them will resonate with many children. I designed the book to be accompanied by high contrast black and white illustrations that appeal to developing eyes of very young children.

One day something changed. You were not sure what it was, but something exciting was about to happen!

There were lots of new noises as you were pushed out of your quiet little home and into a big new world.

-Excerpt from “Birthday”